Pay Per Click Marketing

Pay Per Click Marketing (PPC)/Google AdWords :-

Work With a Professional PPC Management Company!
Our Data-Driven Marketing Analysts Are All Google Certified & Can Increase Your ROI Fast!

      Our venture directors are altogether exceptionally experienced with overseeing Pay-Per-Click (PPC)                  crusades with enormous spending plans, don’t allow a SEO to organization put a passage level                          undertaking administrator responsible for your mission. The Ativa will allot a mission director and                    showcasing investigator to your venture so you get the most expert assistance and proactive                            administration that prompts higher ROI.

Paid Search Management :-

         Allow us to improve your mission structure, quality score midpoints, Ad  and then some. Don’t simply          pay somebody to look after your AdWords account with almost no movement, let us take your mission          to the following level!

ROI Tracking :-

      On the off chance that you have an E-trade site, you should have the option to follow your ROI with                 Google Analytics so you can refine your promoting with substantial information that converts into dollar         signs. Traffic details and catchphrase rankings don’t interpret in ROI which is the reason we make it a             necessity to arrangement ROI following.

Acquire Google’s Trust And Get A Piece Of The Market Place The Right Way.